Google Introduces Youtube Kids app for Google Play and the App Store.

Google Introduces Youtube Kids app for Google Play and the App Store.
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Kids are far more tech savvy than ever before, where most two year olds are able to operate a tablet with skill and ease, leaving their parents and grandparents stunned.

The same is true of my daughter Amelia, who was first introduced to a tablet about the age of four and she mostly played with apps made for her age range. Now as a Seven year old, those apps have been replaced with Youtube and more specifically toy review channels such as; Hobby Kids TV and DC Toy Collector, Whose views even topped some of Youtube heavy weights.

So am I surprised that Google has introduced YouTube kids? No not at all and more over I think it’s an excellent business move. Not only does it give parents a bit more piece of mind with parental controls such as “Timer”, “Sound Setting” and “Search Setting”.

For the kids, they’ve made the design bright and playful while simplifying the search bar and adding more family friendly content. It’s sure to be a hit with the younger generation and we certainly can’t wait until it’s officially launched in the U.K.

Business wise, the future uses for marketing will be very popular for Toy makers, TV and Movie Studios whose products will be more widely available to a bigger market of children who might not of seen them otherwise. A good example of this would be my daughter’s obsession with the Aussie Brand Shopkins, she originally watched on a toy review channel and now has a huge collection of them. What better for brands than have children pester their parents for toymakers latest offerings? After all, it’s been happening on TV for years, why not on Internet ads!?

All around this is a good move for Google, Youtube and Businesses whose main audience and target are the younger generation.