The Best April Fools Jokes of 2015.

The Best April Fools Jokes of 2015.


It seems like everyone is in competition when it comes to April Fools jokes and now it’s become a potent tool for online advertisers to get a bit of “viral” link juice going. Many big companies put a lot of effort into a graphically-involved joke and in some cases even fully working programs.

No longer content with clingfilm on toilet seats or buckets of water on door tops, it’s big business now. Even the sceptic in me who knows the (marketing) reasons behind these joke articles and posts still loves them. It’s a showcase for companies to display a bit of personality and provide a titter on Twitter or a laugh Online.

So without further ado, Here’s some of my favourite April Fool’s japes of 2015:


Google Maps: Pacman Mode!

This will likely not be around for ever but it will be fondly remembered as an absolute classic: If the link is still working!

If not, then just be content of this image… Yes it’s a real map. Yes it’s really Pacman.

Google Maps Pacman


Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge:

Featuring amazing breakthroughs like a folding handle, a thermometer stylus, a diamond edge blade and a set of sensors and algorithms to analyse your grip, dexterity and strength… You couldn’t make this stuff up. Well, maybe you could. Samsung did. Seems legit.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.19.22


Planet Fitness: The Reclinomax

A comfy chair for working out. Imagine a weight bench and gym equipment integrated into a reclining chair… Ideal for the lazy fitness enthusiast. Ideal, right? Right?


Volvo Japan: Airbags for Smartphones!

Ever been walking down the street, completely engrossed in ready your phone when suddenly *BLAM* you walk into to some one? No, me either. But here is Volvo Japan’s answer to that potentially painful mishap. Time Warp…

If you logged into on April 1st then you’d be greeted with the 1999 version of their Home Page. If you ever question how far the website has come or how much it has changed then cop a load of this feat for the eyes, thoughtfully filled with joke-related listings:

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 16.00.31



Wearable Tech: Lol of the Rings

Introducing the Nettl :ring. A ring that displays your messages three characters.
“Is. It. Gud. Tho. ?” – As a prank, it’s not bad at all!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 16.08.51

Let’s be clear about Marmite.

You’ll love or hate this one: Marmite Clear. Tired of the usual run of the mill Marmite? Fancy the same great taste but with a different look? This may be the pointless answer you’ve been looking for:


Playstation Flow

Combining wearable tech with gaming is the next level for video game enthusiasts  and the Playstation Flow is a level beyond. Make swimming feel like swimming. It’s like you’re really there!


A Dash of Amazon

Too lazy to order from Amazon? Just press a button. (Prime members only!)
So this is one of those that seems semi-plausible and has probably won me a tenner!


Straight to Number 1 With Sam Smith

Even singer Sam Smith unleashed an epic jest with the announcement that the openly gay singer was in fact… um… straight. He picked the wrong day to come out though and the fans weren’t buying any of it!


Horse of Fraser for the Grand National

No need to explain this one really. House of Fraser took the reigns and delivered this epic joke. Saddling themselves with a potential Grand National winner and providing a stable lol from followers on Twitter.



Jump into Tesco

Now you can realise a dream with Tesco and you’ll be hopping down the aisle with joy as you enjoy their new bouncy lane liners. Did anyone fall for it? Probably not. What next? – Horse meat in the lasagne?



Special mention to Firebox. For just being Awesome.

Firebox nail it when it comes to online marketing. They just get it right. With humour, style and panache they sell their quirky products and always raise a smile in everything they do.

Even their newsletters feel like a funny email from a friend rather than ‘straight sales’. But this year they went all out… One particular joke involved an “Inner Selfie Stick” that is probably too offensive to ‘insert’ into a marketing blog.

But Firebox… I salute you for sheer volume and I admit, I’m not 100% sure whether these not real products or not because… well… Firebox.


… There are bound to be an absolute ton that I’ve missed. Feel free to get in touch with @DPOMUK on Twitter and let us know your favourites!