Offline versus Online Marketing

Offline versus Online Marketing
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Many businesses are still investing large sums in traditional marketing, but since August 1991, when the first website was created, the growth of the internet, and online marketing, has been phenomenal, and this phenomenal growth can be used, through inbound marketing, to promote your business and bring new customers, growing brand awareness and customer engagement with a brand.
So What is Inbound Marketing


What is inbound marketing? Well,traditional marketing, or outbound marketing, includes things like brochures, fliers, mail drops, advertising in newspapers or magazines, cold calling, or even adverts on radio or TV. These traditional methods have proven very popular, and effective, for generations. But the world has changed, and companies are more interested in a new, modern method.


More Targeted


Inbound marketing is a more targeted method of marketing. It is usually promoting a company through its website, using things like online advertising, which can target specific audiences in a way traditional advertising can’t always deliver, email marketing which, again, is more targeted than traditional mail drops, pay per click (PPC) management, where the targeted adverts are charged per visitor through the advert and the effectiveness of the advert’s placement can be effectively measured, and clever use of social media, blogs and SEO.


 Search Engine Optimisation


SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the clever use of appropriate copy and descriptions to ensure that your website is being picked up by search engines and showing higher on the list when people make specific searches on search engines. For example, if someone were to search for a tree surgeon in your town the website which best described providing that service in that town would be higher on the results list than a company which didn’t give a clear description of where they were.


This doesn’t mean you could just fill your website with those key phrases, over and over, to trick search engines into popping you at the top of the list. The search engines are smarter than that.


How to make Online Marketing Work


Truly effective online marketing uses reviews, blog posts, referrals from other sites and targeted advertising to reach the kind of audience with potential customers, and this can be achieved online far more effectively than traditional, offline, outbound marketing because it eliminates the ‘scatter gun’ approach and the large number of people being reached promoting irrelevant products or services.


Engage your Target Audience


Inbound marketing, and the use of effective, honest SEO, placing the keywords that describe the service, or product, or location clearly and in a way that makes sense, in strong copy with plain English that reads well, will draw an audience, engage them, and means that customers are finding the things they need in a way that makes them feel they’ve been approached in a friendly manner, rather than bombarded with unwanted marketing.


Another benefit of strong search engine optimisation, and online marketing, is that when used effectively it can be considerably cheaper than traditional advertising and is more likely to reach the people that you want to reach.