Opening the door to the world: How PPC works internationally

Opening the door to the world: How PPC works internationally

If you are an online retailer or company marketing online in either the UK or US, you might already know how congested the marketplace can be. Even so, intelligent PPC campaigns can go a long way to providing the backbone for marketing initiatives which keep visitors rolling in, enquiries high and sales consistent.

Take an international look at PPC however, and you might find it could unlock new doors which you never knew existed. In this article we delve into some of the reasons why PPC works so well in spreading your products and services around the world:

New markets

While the internet has almost reached a point of saturation in western countries, in some countries around the world, they are in the middle of a boom. That leaves the door open for natively targeted PPC campaigns to work their magic. According to research from Comscore, countries such as Indonesia, Venezuela and India are among the nations which have seen a rapid rise in internet use – that means a growing market at which to target your PPC campaigns.

Talk to people in their language

While it might seem sometimes that the whole world speaks English, this is not the case. It is thought that less than 25 per cent of the planet’s online population speaks English, and this underlines the potential effectiveness of a well thought out, natively targeted PPC campaign. It might take some time, and a little local help, to acquaint yourself with the nuances and trends of a foreign online market, but if you can create PPC campaigns which speak engagingly to sub-sectors of users within the predominantly non-English-speaking market, you have the chance to ‘get one over’ on your competitors who only deal with English marketing. Markets such as Russia and Brazil are especially ripe for picking.

A new choice of search engines

PPC doesn’t necessarily have to mean Google. There are huge opportunities in countries like Russia, for instance, where more people use Yandex than any other search platform. China, the world’s most populated country, also has its own search engine variations, and Google is not functional at all. It might take the help of a local partner to understand fully how best to exploit the opportunities on these search engines, but the investment can be well worth it.

So those are our reasons why PPC can be such a useful gateway into overseas markets online. Feel free to share it with your colleagues!