PPC Advertising – The Big Bing Theory

PPC Advertising – The Big Bing Theory

Yes, you read that correctly: I did mention Bing and PPC in the same sentence and I don’t regret it.

The fact is Bing is a viable Pay Per Click Advertising Platform and whilst it isn’t yet anywhere near the scale of Google AdWords it does offer some advantages: especially when complimenting Google AdWords.

I manage PPC Campaigns for a number of businesses and whilst most use AdWords, some are using Bing Ads alongside Google AddWords and enjoying great success. In my experience i’ve seen the following common advantages to using Bing Ads:

Bing Ads actually covers two search engines – Bing and Yahoo! which together, covers around 30% of the search market.


  • Cost Per Click with Bing Ads is often lower than AdWords – In the case of our own advertising about 80% lower. Lower CPC’s means better Return on Investment.
  • Click Through Rates (CTR) with Bing Ads are often significantly higher, again in my own experience around 50% higher.
  • Ad flexibility is higher with Bing – you have 40 characters to get your message across compared to 25 in AdWords.



Not a Viable Alternative, But A Viable Addition to AdWords.



Google is of course the Search Engine giant and AdWords dominates the market, but running Bing Ads alongside AdWords increases your reach and helps you scale your PPC Advertising further. It’s pretty straightforward too (you’ll probably find it simpler to use than AdWords) and you can import your AdWords account straight into your Bing Ads account.



Bing Ads are clearly making significant headway, especially considering:


  • Bing has made 1000 updates to its platform designed to improve the navigability, speed and interface
  • Plans are in place to expand into 31 more countries this year
  • Bing has seen an impressive 48% year on year increase in ad spend compared to AdWords 12%.
  • Bing has experienced a 25% increase in click volume since last year


Whilst you are not going to see the sheer volume with Bing Ads as you would do with AdWords, managed correctly you will be able to see results and if my own experience is anything to go by, you’ll be quite impressed.
Ignore Bing Ads at your peril, it’s looking incredibly likely Bing is going to close the gap to AdWords quicker than you may expect.