What PPC Remarketing Can Do For Your Brand

What PPC Remarketing Can Do For Your Brand
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Remarketing gives marketers a chance to reach out to those who have previously visited their website and this is done via banner ads. This means you have another shot at getting a sale or an enquiry!


There are many forms of remarketing within Google Ads and it is important that you choose the correct option for your business. Standard remarketing allows you to show your ads to past visitors to your website on the Display Network. RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) enables you to target past visitors on the Search Network. Dynamic remarketing lets you show ads to past visitors that have viewed any products or services on your site. Video remarketing will allow you to serve ads to those who have interacted with your video or Youtube channel. Remarketing for mobile apps lets you show your ads to users who have visited your mobile website or app when they are on other mobile apps or websites.

Brand Building & Awareness

Many marketers use remarketing campaigns to increase their brand awareness and recognition online. It is very difficult to increase awareness of your brand via search campaigns which have a limited number of characters and also do not support logos. Display remarketing allows you to use visuals to encourage users to remember your company and also interact with your ads. With these campaigns, you will be able to establish awareness of your brand in the early stages and become an authority with your product or service. Doing this can influence your customers to revisit your site once they are ready to purchase or enquire.

Engaging With Your Audience

As many of us do, users will search across different websites to find what they are looking for before they buy a product or enquire about a service. Around 96% of visitors leave a site without converting so it is absolutely vital to pull them back in before they go elsewhere. Those with e-commerce sites can target “basket/cart abandoners” by showing the products they left back to them via dynamic remarketing. Setting up remarketing alongside your other PPC campaigns allows you to follow a user from site to site to potentially lead them back to yours to convert.

Increasing Conversion Rate

As remarketing tracks visitors in an attempt to gain customers, this can increase your conversion rates over time. By creating custom messages to visitors, either through dynamic remarketing or alternative forms, you can highly influence a user to return back to your site to enquire or purchase. It is a known fact that the more times a user visits your website, the more likely they are to convert as they are already familiar with your brand.

Additionally, remarketing is a gentle reminder for users to come back to your website and finish what they started, either by buying a product or enquiring about a service that you provide. Whilst reminding them to do this, it also reinforces your brand to potential customers who, over time, will become familiar with it.

Save Money

Whilst all of the above points are beneficial to a business’ marketing, there is also the factor that remarketing is a very cheap method of reaching back out to old visitors to try to bring them back. Running a search campaign within many industries can lead to high cost-per-clicks (sometimes upwards of £20 per click) but remarketing ad clicks will cost much less, and often with high conversion rates over time.

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