Red flags that set alarm bells ringing

Red flags that set alarm bells ringing
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It can difficult to see whether an agency is deceiving you in any way, they know their industry incredibly well and making a living from signing businesses like you up to their services.

The task of separating the genuine agencies and the agencies after a quick buck is an incredibly difficult process. However there are certain red flags that become visible when you’re interacting with them.

The most obvious/common signal that an agency is not being honest with you is when they promise There is a big difference between an agency being confident that they will do a cracking job for you or them promising you a specific number of conversions in the first month. Adding to this if you allow an agency to fool you with these promises the 6-month contract you just signed might be a long and bumpy road.


We do hear some horror stories about agencies signing customers by promising them the world then literally not making changes on their account for the duration of their contract.

Your agency should be fully transparent with you even if things aren’t running particularly well at the time. An essential factor of transparency is having access to your own Google AdWords account – if you do not have access to your account or the agency you intend to commit too won’t allow you too – alarm bells should be ringing. Without access to your account not only will you not be able to see the changes they are making and how frequently they are making them, you would not be able to tell how much they are spending advertising your business.

Your AdWords account should be your joint venture and there really isn’t a reason for you to not have access.