What does a weekly social media plan look like?

What does a weekly social media plan look like?
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At the core of an effective social media strategy is a practical plan for your team to work from. So we thought we’d put together a basic structure for a weekly social media plan to help you out.

Below, we’ve included some sample headers and pieces for you to work from. Use it as a basic template and just go from there. You can then email the completed plan off to your team at the start of the week.

Our key messages for this week

In this section, plot out your focus points for the week ahead. What’s going on in your company? What do you want to shout about to your customers? What’s going on in the industry? What are your competitors doing? Let your team know.


Here, detail the number of posts you’ll be expecting to publish across your social media channels. An example:
Twitter – around 10 tweets a day
Facebook – about three posts a day
LinkedIn – around one post a day


Post bank

Use this section to lay out a set of ready-to-go social posts and updates for the week ahead. Remember, though, to ensure some flexibility – how about making these your core posts but leaving room to build extra posts around them?

Here’s how parts of it might look:


First Twitter post: It’s Monday! When are the best times to post on social?

Second Google Plus post: Who’s boss when it comes to Pinterest?

You get the idea…

Team support

Let your team know what your agenda is, and get them involved. You could tell them you’re looking for:

• Relevant industry research
• Breaking news and reports
• Social updates from across the team


Make sure you ask your team for feedback throughout the week. Ask them to keep an eye on your social media activity and let you know what they think works and doesn’t work – a great way to get them on-board, keep them involved and keep posting great social content.

What are your tips for building a social media strategy? Share them with us.