We Wish you an SEO Merry Christmas…

We Wish you an SEO Merry Christmas…
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Not long now before you’re sat in front of that roaring fire with a glass of mulled wine feeling very content, at peace with the world and safe in the knowledge that the new year will bring new opportunities, new challenges and an increasingly profitable business.

Well, maybe that scenario is for some people, but for many, this time of year can be fraught with worry about the future and the uncertainty of any profitable business.


Increase your Turnover


Hopefully though, if you are selling via the Internet, you will already have a PPC campaign that is building nicely, if you have it targeted correctly that is. So now you should be looking at a sustained SEO strategy to work in harmony with AdWords. If you haven’t got any internet strategies as yet, what have you been doing? If it’s a case of one or the other, then PPC will generally get you quicker results than SEO if you have a reasonable budget that is, but you should consider SEO to act in concert with AdWords.


The Specialist


Presumably, your website has been built with SEO in mind, although that is in no way a given. A poorly constructed website can have a dramatic negative attempt on both PPC and SEO so you need to ensure it’s right or you’ll waste your money. This is why many people can be heard saying that “AdWords just didn’t work for me”. Top Tip: Don’t ask your website builder if the SEO is up to scratch, they’re unlikely to tell you that your site isn’t SEO friendly, they build websites remember. Ask someone who specialises in online marketing who can soon tell you where your problem areas are and how you can resolve them.


The Results You Need


In many cases, website problems can consist of thin and/or spammy content, non relevant meta titles and poor or even non existent meta descriptions. Once these have been sorted out any SEO or AdWords campaign stands a better chance of working and delivering the results you’re looking for.


No Instant Results


Don’t expect instant results! There are those who think that once they say the “Go” word, it will be like turning on a tap: instant results, job done! If that’s what you’re expecting you are going to be disappointed; Bitterly disappointed. It will take time; it’s the same with PPC, there is NO magic bullet.


Keep on Going


You also need to be aware that once you have a successful SEO and/or PPC campaign and it is at a point where you are happy with those results, you can’t just stop. If you turn to your online marketing agency and announce that you don’t need to spend any more money on a campaign, then you will start to slide backwards. Why? Well, your competitors are going to keep working on their strategies so that they appear higher in the search engine rankings than you regardless if thats organic or paid search.


In a Nutshell


So, in summary, allow a decent budget, don’t expect instant results it rarely happens, and if you can’t make SEO or PPC work for you or you’re getting discouraged, don’t just bin the whole concept, get professional advice from a marketing specialist. That way you are much closer to sitting in your favourite chair in front of that roaring fire with your mulled wine knowing your business is growing. In the meantime we wish you an SEO Merry Christmas.