How to brand your social media

How to brand your social media
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Defining and implementing your brand identity is an essential part of a successful online marketing strategy. No doubt you have invested a great deal of time and effort into making sure your website gives the very best first impression of your business that it can, but have you made sure to do the same across your social networks?

Branding your social media pages may not be as easy as doing so on your website, but it is certainly achievable and definitely worth investing some time in.


Get the look


Of course all the different social networks out there have their own layout which every user has to use. You will be slightly limited in how much customisation you can achieve, but as much as possible, you should aim for each of your profile pages to look the same. Use your corporate colours to create a social media style that fits with your existing branding. Use the same colours, the same backgrounds and the same profile pictures wherever possible across your networks. You should be aiming to make each of your profiles instantly recognisable as belonging to your brand.


Find your voice


As the number of social networks which businesses can choose to use grows and grows, you may find yourself allocating different networks to different members of staff to manage. This is a great idea, but try to ensure that your brand’s voice remains consistent across all of your networks. In other words, if your tone on Facebook is light and friendly, your Twitter updates should be the same. If it is more industry appropriate for your updates to be largely professional, then be sure to maintain that standard across the board. Consistency will help to define your branding and your image online.


Be adaptable


Obviously there will be certain updates you want to share across all of your networks, but don’t fall into a copy and paste trap in the name of saving time. Make the effort to tailor updates specific to each network, even if the essence is the same. For example, Facebook updates can be more in depth than tweets and can include an image preview. Be sure to take advantage of this!

With a little creative thinking and forward planning, your social media efforts can blend seamlessly into your overall branding strategy.