Is Facebook Marketplace a step too far?

Is Facebook Marketplace a step too far?
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Have you seen Facebook’s latest update? As Facebook has 1.7 Billion active users, it should be well founded by now. The social networking giants have released a new feature called ‘Marketplace’ which is available on iOS and Android, this new feature enables us to advertise your used goods in your area. But are they trying to pull us in too far?

What is Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is very similar to the up and coming app ‘Shpock’ which features GPS-based sales. Just tap the icon where the messenger button used to be, and you’ll be able to view all the items for sale nearby. Now we all know this is nothing new as people have been selling their goods online for years, the difference that this introduces is it puts real names and faces to the items and for the avid Facebook junkie, ensures you have spent less time out of the app.


IMG_1883How does it work?

Firstly, you tap the little store icon in the middle of the navigation bar, after this, you will be shown an array of images which will be items for sale in the area. Once you have tapped on an item and read through the description which is often lacking any descriptive detail. A price is listed, but Marketplace does allow you to feature multiple offers and then the buyer can select the best option.

From the item listing, you will be able to view a rough area of where the item is located and see the users profile, and you can also view any other items they have listed. You can also search using the categories feature but this is very limited and nowhere near as in-depth as eBay. But you can also search for specific items if you know what you are looking for.

From the seller’s perspective, it is simple, quick and easy. Within a matter of seconds, you can have an active listing, all you need to do is take a picture, add a description and set the price, then wait for the sale.


What happens when I have sold my item?

Surprisingly you have complete control over this process as Facebook won’t be taking any cut from sales made through the ‘Marketplace’ feature, you don’t even accept payment through Facebook, it is entirely in your hands.

So how do you seal the deal?

Once you have agreed to a sale to the buyer, then all the details like payment and collection can be made through messaging. As always it is important to proceed with caution after all these are random people.

As always it would be a good idea to use PayPal as this will give you some form of security, should the item not be as expected. But you should be aware there are terms and conditions of claiming money back.

So has Facebook taken it too far?

Since the release of the ‘Marketplace’ feature there have been mixed opinions about whether or not the social giants have taken this too far, the reason for this is people see Facebook as a social networking platform for sharing photos and memories and Facebook are just trying to pull us in deeper by allowing us to profit from conversations. On the other hand, people are embracing the change and believe Facebook need to continue to innovate and provide us with useful features.

I am sure you will all draw your conclusions on whether or not you will be selling your household contents through the latest feature, but one thing is for sure, and that is Facebook will continue to deliver new features directly into our pockets.