Google Adwords: Exact Match is Now Typo Friendly!

Google Adwords: Exact Match is Now Typo Friendly!
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Your spelling may be awful but this not affect your Google results!

… Because people are indeed people, you can expect typos in searches, in fact 7% of ALL searches do indeed contain a misspelling. Add to that the fact that 70% of all Google searches are long tail (Three or more keywords) and you have an increased likelihood of a few mistakes creeping into that search.

But the person searching has the intent to find the results most relevant to them and Google knows what they mean. Even if they can’t spell it! So now Adwords Management is a little bit easier.

For example: “men’s shirt”, “men shirts” or “mens shirt” clearly all has the intent of seeing shirts for men… But in late September 2014 you’ll see the ‘close variant keyword matching’ system come into play for Adwords. Ensuring that there is an intuitive way of matching exact match or phrase match searches with relevant results, irrespective of the searchers grammatical prowess!



Understanding match types:

If you run Adwords or are thinking about doing so, you should be familiar with the keyword match types:


Google Keyword match types

Note the “close variants” next to [exact] match!



“Close Variant Keyword Matching”

Saying that Adwords is ‘matching typos’ to exact match is a little inaccurate. It is in fact “close variant matching for all exact phrase keywords. Whilst most Adwords users won’t see a big difference to their existing campaigns it is a big step forward.

Close variant matching was a default setting in Adwords but some advertisers may have opted out. This change is actually really helpful. It saves exact matches having to include every misspelt variant which can only be a good thing.

Google. You gotta love them.