Google implement campaign drafts and experiments

Google implement campaign drafts and experiments
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As a digital account manager you are constantly weighing up different options when making changes to different campaigns. Should I implement a mobile bid adjustment? Should we create a completely separate ad schedule for this campaign? – Said changes aren’t always easy.

Adwords is fully accountable, so the changes you make have substance to them & you will never make changes off the cuff. However the new changes Google are rolling out are  intended to give us even more control when optimising & will allow us to test & measure much more efficiently.


The drafts update will allow you to prepare changes before they go live. Basically this feature allows you to adjust metrics within a campaign that you wish to change, such as an ad schedule, and then review all of these changes. If you’re happy with these changes, then you can implement them directly from your draft.


The experiment update will allow us to test certain changes that we wish to implement without having to overhaul your existing campaign. For example, you see that during the evenings your overall account performance is better & you want to implement an ad schedule to reflect this. Firstly you create a new draft and that contains the new ad schedule,  you then create an experiment from said draft to test your new optimisation against the performance of the current campaign.

You will be fully in charge of how much budget & traffic the experiment uses whilst having full control over the period of time you test these changes over.

These changes will allow all account managers to make increasingly informed decisions, which can only be a positive thing.