Google’s automated bidding feature is getting an overhaul

Google’s automated bidding feature is getting an overhaul
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Automated bidding is getting an overhaul along with some new terminology. Flexible bid strategies will now be called “portfolio” bid strategies. According to Google the change is meant to better indicate that a single strategy can be applied across multiple campaigns.

The update will allow advertisers to update bidding strategies from the campaign settings tab instead of having to navigate to the shared library whilst allowing us to set different CPA goals for separate ad groups instead of having to keep the same target CPA setting across the whole campaign.

This is particularly handy when your CPA goals widely differ across your ad groups. For arguments sake if you’re selling socks in one ad group & trainers in another, you will now be able to set your CPA goals for socks at £1 and your CPA strategy for trainers at £15. At the moment you have to set your CPA goals at the campaign level but this this update it will now allow for much more flexible bidding strategies and hopefully improve accounts performance that require it.

You can view more information regarding automated bidding / strategies here.