Google introduce Interactive ads to drive app installs

Google introduce Interactive ads to drive app installs
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Google are always on the hunt to improve their service and their most recent update, in the form of new interactive ads, will hopefully do so. The new ads are intended to allow developers to showcase their apps at their best, hopefully encouraging users to download their app.

These new immersive ads, called Trial Run ads, provide you with the chance to play a game for up to 60 seconds by streaming the contents of the app before downloading, hopefully immersing the user and resulting in more downloads.

Trial Run ads provide:

  • Ultra-immersive and delightful ads designed for games
  • The opportunity for gamers to trial before download
  • More relevant ad clicks, app downloads, and pre-qualified app users


Google are also launching a beta for Interactive Interstitial ads, these ads are HTML5 ads that gives developers a chance to pull data in dynamically, meaning that user experience will differ depending on each advertiser’s app. These ads are not limited to just gaming apps and should become increasingly popular across handheld devices.