Google introduce Shopping Assortment Report

Google introduce Shopping Assortment Report
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The shopping assortment report is intended to give retailers an insight into demand for popular products. The shopping assortment report will quickly tell you the top 100 products that you don’t offer in your product feed for every product category you have. Information is also available regarding the benchmark selling prices of said products.

This update will allow you to make much more informed decisions when identifying new products to add to your assortment and ensure that you’re promoting in demand products. What this report offers us is a near real-time report into online consumer demand on Google Shopping.

Google are already claiming that retailers are seeing success by using these reports and you really can see why they are a beneficial addition.

The fresh and detailed information that you receive from shopping assortment reports will help you:

  • Identify key products that you’re missing  Identify products that you’re missing from your feed that you do sell but for one reason or another have forgotten to include in your feed. This will also identify any items that have an incorrect GTIN associated with the product.
  • Expand your product offerings – Helps you identify popular products that you currently don’t sell but have potential to do well.

Whether you’re looking to add more products to your inventory or research pricing, the Shopping Assortment Report can help you.