Google Introducing Product Rating to Product Listing Ads

Google Introducing Product Rating to Product Listing Ads
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Product rating PLA’s

Last year Google introduced ratings on the product listing Ads in the US. The ratings have received a great response and I’m pleased to inform you that product ratings are now available in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Product ratings are shown on a 5 star rating system and are really effective in giving the shopper information on quality products that are available to them. This benefits the customer as they can easily see which products have the best reviews. The merchant also benefits as if they are selling high quality products; they will have an upper hand over their competitors.

Since product ratings have been implementing in the US in July, Click through rate on average has increased by 5% on PLA’s with product ratings.

Enabling product ratings

In order for Google to show your product ratings as a merchant you are required to share all of your review content directly  with Google or through a Google approved third party aggregator. Enticing your customers to submit clear and valuable review information is essential for product ratings.

Seller ratings on Google Shopping v Product ratings

Seller ratings appear as stars on text ads. The difference between the two is that seller ratings refer to the actual merchant not a specific product and unlike seller ratings (seller ratings require 30 reviews that have an average rating of 3 and a half stars) product ratings will appear no matter what the rating for that specific product is.

Conclusively the product ratings helps shoppers find high quality relevant products they are looking for whilst giving the merchant another weapon in their sales artillery.