We’re not in London. Who Cares?

We’re not in London. Who Cares?
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One of the most awesome things about anything online is the fact that it is accessible from anywhere in the world provided there is a decent connection to the internet and some form of browsing device. If you’ve got fibre optic or 4G then good for you… The faster the better.


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Another fantastic thing about the internet is that you do not need to be in a specific location to access the wealth of information available online. You can even browse or work whilst using public transport, taking a toilet break or bored at your in-laws house. Technology is great.


Yet another awesome thing about working in online marketing is that I can access my work place from anywhere: Using pretty much any modern browsing device. Obviously a real keyboard and browser for accessing my cloud based software are preferable along with a fast connection. I can work from anywhere. I can even remote in to my office iMac and work on my workstation from wherever I like or share my screen and work with clients and companies via the magic of the internet, showing them exactly what I am seeing in real time… Really, ain’t technology great?


With relevant url’s, logins and know how, I can do pretty much my job from anywhere. I’m trained in the dark arts of effective online marketing and I’m not afraid to use those skills from any location. 90% of what I do could be done from my bed. (But that is another story.)


So I’m always surprised that there is a preoccupation with WHERE an online marketing firm is based. People seem to expect any great online marketing agency to be London based. Why?


Nice to Meet You


Now I do understand that people who need to meet their co-workers and as an agency you are just that… A co-worker: An extension of the team. But you will inevitably be working from a different building. You may be the other side of the road, the next town over, 500 miles away or the other side of the world. It won’t actually matter so long as the following criteria are met:


•    Know what you are doing
•    Able to use relevant software
•    Experience with varying CMS types
•    Have access to relevant software and CMS systems
•    Some sort of Computer device (Ideally a reliable one with full size keyboard)
•    Fast, stable internet connection
•    A proven track record in your industry


Yep. That’s about it. Now whilst it’s fair to say that the part about knowing what you are doing is the most important part, it is actually the one part that many of our competitors are least able to prove… (Though they may be geographically preferable to your requirements) Despite the fact you may meet them once in a blue moon. They are physically closer.


Geographically closer to your business = Better Online Marketing Ability?


It does seem a bit silly when you think about it. Mainly because it is.


Choosing an online marketing company to work with based on location is like only watching BBC 1 because it is the first in the list of tv channels. It is unlikely to provide exactly what you need and if you’re not looking around before settling on your selection then you do not know whether you’re actually seeing what is best suited for you.


Location is not what you should be looking at… It should be online visibility, accreditation and ability. But of course, if there is a qualified and reputable agency near you then count that as a bonus!


If you’re going to be tied in with a company for any length of time, then you should do some research and ensure they are actually good at what they do. Don’t go for the first agency you find because they live the closest. We’ll probably be happy to pop over and visit you, as well as the regular online meetings that we insist on for going through monthly reports. Or you can come and visit us in good old Skegness, grab some rock and eat some chips… But most importantly, you’ll be meeting a team who actually know their onions when it comes to digital marketing and online advertising and that may not be the same for companies on your doorstep.