Thank You to our Competitors

Thank You to our Competitors
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Rehash, reuse, recycle and more recently, repurpose. All terms you may hear when it comes to looking for content for your website. As we know, blogs are a great way to ensure that you have regular new content, as long as you post regularly that is. Many people go mad for a couple of weeks with posts every day, and then tail off to maybe one a week. There is nothing worse though, for your customers and potential customers seeing big gaps in the frequency of your postings. The same is true for social media and anywhere where you need to contribute.


Running Short?


It’s no wonder then, that with constant regular posting of blogs, you are, at some stage, going to run short of raw material. A quick search on the Internet can soon bring up something interesting for your chosen profession which can be interesting for your readers. Of course, your not going to copy and paste what you find directly on to your blog, the last thing you want to be creating is duplicate content right?




This is where repurposing comes in. If you are struggling for creativity or just can’t come up with any more unique content, then this method is ideal. Use your located information wisely though by rewriting it and adding your own slant. There’s nothing wrong with this and it is kind of saying to the originator “Thanks for the inspiration and great copy”. We regularly get visited by our competitors (Yes, we know who your are.) and have been for quite some time. It is humbling to know that we are providing our competitors with accurate, quality information which is then “repurposed” for their own blogs. Hope the cheques in the post fellas.


Check, Check and Check Again!


All this is fine, but the onus is on you to check that the content you are repurposing is accurate and up to date. Some website owners have been known to quote facts and figures without checking and run into serious problems. You need to be particularly careful if you have an e-commerce site, as an item with the wrong description is hardly likely to result in happy customers and in some cases, if could have dire consequences.


Keep to your Schedule


So, if your serious about regular posting be it blogs or social media, then go forth and find some worthy content, read it, take it on board and then rewrite it in your own special way making sure any information you are quoting is correct. Remember though, once you start posting, you have to keep going. Avoid big gaps in your postings and keep to your schedule. No one said it was going to be easy!