Youtube is 10 Years Old Today (Funny Videos & Stats For You!)

Youtube is 10 Years Old Today (Funny Videos & Stats For You!)
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The world’s second biggest social networking site (Yes, really. After Facebook) is ten years old today! 

The Google-Owned video upload site Youtube has been showcasing hilarious cat videos and shots of people falling over for a whole decade today so we should likely celebrate with a few fun facts and video favourites as well as pointing out what a potent online marketing tool it is.

Cats Can Haz Da Internetz

45% of all original online videos uploaded in 2013 involved pets or animals and though the official figures on the percentage of those that contained cats is being kept hush-hush, I’m pretty sure it’s the majority. You know a cat video will always do well and that figure is astounding when you bear in mind that in the same year, only 30% of videos could be classed as “instructional”. Cats own the internet: Fact.

Thriller Cat agrees. Grumpy Cat would probably disagree though.

Youtube is 3 Times More Popular than Twitter

I’ll just let that sink in…


The stats don’t lie. Six out of ten people who use the internet use youtube: in fact it’s 63%. Bear in mind that Facebook is the winner with 77% and Twitter (Which I would have thought dominated the top spot) is actually only 21%. Mind you, the same survey states that Google + has 24% of all internet users as active members and it’s a graveyard.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.02.51

People Playing Video Games is Big Business.


PewDiePie: Offical ‘King’ of Youtube.

It may or may not come as a surprise that people playing games are VERY popular. I follow quite a few channels myself but the far and away king of youtube is a Swedish fella called Felix Kjellberg – Though he is much better known as PewDiePie. He showcases games with his own unique and humorous twist which has earned him over 36,000,000 subscribers

Yep. 36,000,000. To put that in context, even the queens of pop in the top ten most subscribed channels are lagging behind the guy: RihannaVEVO  has 16,000,000, Katy Perry has 15,000,000 and Taylor Swift has 12,000,000. PewDiePie even beats Youtube’s own spotlight channel: they have a mere 23,000,000 subscribers.

Here Are a Few of My (Fairly Safe For Work) All-Time Favourites:

The Diet Coke & Mentoes Scientists: 

Honey Badger Don’t Give a S**t:

The Evolution of Dance:

Call Me Maybe – Chat Roulette Version:

Here’s a video from DPOM’s early days:

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