4 BIG Changes Coming to AdWords

4 BIG Changes Coming to AdWords
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For a few years, Google has been making big announcements in the spring. In 2013, there was the announcement of Enhanced Campaigns. Every year since then we have gotten more and more mobile ad types and features. This year is no different.

1. New Local Search Ads to Appear on Google Maps

Google has unveiled what they class as the ‘next generation’ of local search ads. These new ads will appear within Google Maps, both desktop and mobile.

In the new ads, brand logos and offers will appear directly on the surface of the map rather than just along side the map. When entering a search term into the Google Maps, not only will the location and directions appear, but so will text ads and also shopping ads appear below the map.

Why Google Maps?

Not only does Google Maps have more than 1 billion users but nearly a third of all searches originate from mobile devices.

Also, Google is revamping local business pages. Two fundamental changes here: Advertisers can highlight an in-store promotion and users can search local inventory.

2. AdWords Has a New Interface.

As most marketers will already know, there is an option available to use the new AdWords interface. Google is claiming this as “the most powerful change made to how advertisers visualise and manage their campaigns in over 15 years.” And it’s easy to see why. The new AdWords interface is sleek and modern. However, when using the old version for so long, using the new one can be quite hard to get used to.

It is available to millions of users and has the option to revert to the original AdWords. The new “AdWords Experience” won’t be available until December.

3. Location Extensions for YouTube Ads

Good: A disinterested stranger finds and watches your video on YouTube.

Better: A prospect sees your video on YouTube.

Best: A prospect sees your video, notices the new location extensions beneath it, then heads to your brick-and-mortar joint to buy bespoke clothes or chewing gum that never loses its flavour. Welcome to the new PPC reality.

4. Google Surveys 360

Surveys 360 allows users to:
• Create a survey
• Find a specific audience sample across the web
• Generate results quickly

The Google Analytics 360 Suite combines enterprise analytics, tagging, site optimisation, data visualisation, market research, attribution, and audience management into a powerful measurement solution for your business. Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, cross-product data integration helps your enterprise gain useful insights and get better results every day.

Why does this matter? It promises to make A/B testing so much easier, by giving you the ability to solicit feedback from customers. By asking someone why they clicked your ad, you can get an idea as to what’s working and what isn’t.

Mixing all these new features together, a stunning recipe for success.