Why Are Negative Keywords So Important?

Why Are Negative Keywords So Important?
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Digital marketing has changed rapidly over the years. One thing to always remember is you either keep up or fall behind.

Some businesses decide to go with a variety of different types of marketing; SEO, Social Media, PPC etc. Pay-Per-Click marketing however has been proven to deliver quick and effective results and is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and sales.

Why do you need to add negative keywords?

When adding negative keywords to your PPC campaign, it eliminates the possibility for your ads to show for certain search terms. Adding negative keywords allows you to reach a specific audience.

Adding negatives also play a crucial role in increasing your ROI. Why spend money on advertising when your ads will be showing for irrelevant search terms? This is why adding negatives are so important.

Yes adding negative keywords are very important, but they must be used with caution. Adding the wrong negative keyword can influence your performance and divert all your wanted traffic away from your site and therefore losing money.

At the start of every campaign, adding negatives wont be easy as there wont be any data from your search terms report showing the terms people have searched for. However, add any terms you feel are irrelevant to that ad group, campaign or account.

For example, you want to advertise for ‘car insurance’ however you are getting high amounts of impressions for home insurance and life insurance. You would then need to add ‘home’ and ‘life’ as a negative keyword to stop traffic from those specific terms being directed to your website

Should you add competitor’s brand terms as negative keywords?

This is a very common question, especially when including them as keywords but that’s another story for another day. This really is down to performance, if you find that competitor’s brand names are gaining you conversions then there is no need to add them as a negative.

How To Differentiate Between Poor and Irrelevant Keywords?

Keywords that are not related to the products/services you sell must be added as a negative keyword they are irrelevant as you do not want to waste your budget on people who are looking for totally different products/services to what you offer. From the Search Terms Report, you may discover a keyword performing badly, this would be a poor keyword and you could add it as a negative keyword.