The Importance of Optimising Your Google Shopping Feed

The Importance of Optimising Your Google Shopping Feed
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Shopping feeds can be very confusing at times so it is no surprise that the majority of advertisers choose not to optimise their product feed. However, if you’re having trouble with your Google Shopping campaign, your shopping feed may be the part that is letting your entire campaign down.


What is Product Feed Optimisation?

This is the process of optimising the data within your product feed to ensure that your products are shown for highly relevant search terms in Google and other Search Partners. This makes up around 50% of the management that is required to get the best results from your campaigns.

The way the feed itself is structured will directly influence the way that you can structure your Shopping campaigns which will, in turn, have a major impact on the growth and performance of your campaign.


Why should you optimise your feed?

Everything within a Google Shopping campaign is related to how well the feed is structured and how much data is in there. The feed itself is the campaign structure so if the product types and categories are not set up accurately, you cannot build well-structured campaigns.

The two biggest reasons you should optimise your Google Shopping Feed is to increase your relevancy and improve the segmentation of the campaigns you will be running.

The more information that is included within a product feed, the more relevant your products will be for people’s searches and your ads will then be shown more frequently for these searches. If your feed is not optimised, some of the following may happen:

  • Your competitors will take the majority of the impression share.
  • In order for your ads to show, Google will charge you more money.
  • You will show up for fewer search terms than if your feed was optimised.


The most important attributes


Product Titles: 

Although it may sound like a good idea to add keywords into your titles wherever possible, overdoing this can actually cause harm to the feed. Google now penalises users for titles over 75 characters and if the title if over 150 characters then the ad itself will become disapproved. 

This attribute is vital in regards to optimisations because everything in the Shopping platform is broad match which means that the algorithm will use the title of your products to match with the search terms people are using. Therefore, it is vital to be precise with your titles to ensure that you are attracting users who are interested in the products you are providing.

For example, if your product title is “Women’s Shoes” then you’ll have the potential to show on for all general searches but you may miss out on users who are searching using higher-intent terms. 


Product Category:

It is vital to have your product categories as granular as possible due to the fact that there are over 6,000 Google product categories. Some of these categories are broken down into 5 tiers or more so it’s important to have these correct.


Product Type:

The product types contribute to the overall Quality Score of your product feeds and it is clear that Google is putting more relevance into these product types so it’s paramount to ensure these are structured correctly,



This is a Global Trade Item Number which is a unique identifier for products. Manufacturers/sellers use this to track product across Google. It is important to add this if you have a GTIN as it includes a huge amount of information. However, some sellers don’t need GTINs when they’re selling one-off goods such as used/antique products.


We will optimise your Shopping Feed

We don’t just optimise your ad campaigns, we will manage and optimise your shopping feed to extract the best performance possible – all included within our management fee. 

As optimising feeds is crucial to influence what search terms your products show for, our feed optimisation service takes care of the entire process for you. 

Speak to one of our specialists about our Product Feed Optimisation service and how it can help you with your PPC today!