The rise of mobile conversions

The rise of mobile conversions


As we all know by now, the use of mobile devices and mobile searches is continuing to grow in 2014. This is even more apparent from the latest research conducted by Marin Software, which has shown that 30 per cent of Google ad conversions now occur on tablets and smartphones.

The study explained that smartphones and tablets continue to take a more prominent role for online consumers, with mobile devices comprising around a third of ad conversions on sites including Facebook and Google. It also suggested this trend means that consumers are growing more confident with using mobile devices to interact and complete purchases and online transactions.


Mobile searches rapidly increasing

The company looked at Q3 of 2014, and its findings showed that mobile devices made up around 31 per cent of paid search impressions, and as much as 38 per cent of Google search ad clicks. The research yielded similar results for display advertising, with mobile devices accounting for 40 per cent of ad impressions, 54 per cent of ad clicks, and 38.6 per cent of overall conversions. It’s estimated that mobile conversions increased around 4.4 per cent each quarter, and 15.8 per cent each year.


Facebook Ads also a big hit for mobile users

You may also be interested to hear that one in three Facebook ad conversions happened on mobile devices this quarter, so if you’re not including Facebook as an integral part of your ad campaign, perhaps you ought to think about it, with an increase of mobile ad conversions at 16 per cent quarter-over-quarter. Facebook mobile ads made up around 52 per cent of ad impressions and 63 per cent of clicks on the social networking site.

The study went on to conclude that mobile conversions is a trend that has a solid consistency across every channel, including social, search, and display ads.

Research up to this point has hinted that the above trends show no signs of slowing down, with brand engagement and mobile purchases only set to increase as time goes on. So, what does this mean for you? Well, it’s recommended that advertisers can make the most of the huge mobile trend by adjusting their campaigns to focus more on mobile ads on various channels, including search, social media and display.