Lying, Cheating and Stealing With Adwords! – Part Deux.

Lying, Cheating and Stealing With Adwords! – Part Deux.


In part one of this blog last week, I talked about agencies who push to take a job but deliver nothing back to the client… A practice that we find a little shocking. BUT it’s not always 100% the fault of the agency.

Clients are not always right…


Expectation, Miscommunication & Disappointment.


Thoughtful writerThe biggest single problem is client expectation. I’d love to be able to say that if you spend £X amount, you will definitely get £Y back. But to reach that point will take potentially several months of work on an account and that will always fluctuate due to uncontrollable factors such as seasonal trends, competitor bids and ad quality or perhaps expanding the campaign which will always swallow up the budget.


It’s unrealistic to assume that any Adwords account will start making money from the second it’s activated, if that were the case then EVERYONE would be doing it (This would push up bid prices hugely!) But fresh Adwords users do seem to expect this to be the case and many agencies take advantage of this.


With the Bigger Adwords agencies, you’re essentially dealing with sales people who do not manage Adwords accounts themselves. Promises are made and guarantees are given that cannot be / are not forfilled. No real reports are provided and ultimately the client becomes disillusioned with Adwords. “Adwords does not work for me” is a phrase I’ve heard a great number of times. What it really means is “My Adwords account was very poorly run and did not deliver as I’d expected / hoped”.


Adwords CAN Work For All. Mostly.


Googel_Adwords_MistakesWith VERY few exceptions, almost any business can benefit from Adwords. The few that can’t often have issues that prevent Adwords true potential:Issues such as a poorly constructed website or an unrealistic micro budget will cause a few problems for example but where many agencies will take the job on anyway, we’d sooner say it’s not going to work because of these reasons:  Address those problems and it would be worth proceeding.  Adwords Management Agencies cannot make the physical changes to a website to improve account performance though so clients must be worked with to move things in the right direction.


Some industries may have a cost per click of £60+ which means the ads must be incredibly well targeted and really Re-Marketing should be in place to follow up. Again, structure and knowing the craft of creating ads is important. It takes time to find a few ‘golden geese’ – Or rather terms that regularly convert and cost significantly less per click than the average… And they can change overnight. What if competitors start managing their accounts better with well structured ads and a bigger budget? You’ll have to up your game too.


Another big issue we see a lot is a website that is unclear in what the owner is offering. If information is spread across a number of pages and no clear way of contacting the site owner to engage their services is apparent then you can direct as much traffic as you like to the site but don’t expect any conversions. You can take a horse to water…


BUT… If you wish to identify the reasons your Adwords may be failing then check out this blog: WILL ADWORDS WORK FOR ME? 8 CLASSIC MISTAKES WE SEE ALL THE TIME.


Avoid the BAdwords Agencies!


If you are already with an Adwords Management agency, you’re not happy and the contract is up or about to be then you may wish to read my old blog: BREAKING BADWORDS – ESCAPING AN ABUSIVE PPC RELATIONSHIP for some ideas.


You don’t HAVE to work with people you do not trust or like. Simply move on!


When you do move on and start looking for a new PPC Management Agency, you need to ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are they desperate to make you sign up?
  • Are you feeling pressured to make a commitment?
  • Are you talking to a salesperson rather than an actual account manager?
  • Monthly reports provided?
  • What do they propose?
  • What do they hope to achieve?
  • Clear payment structure?
  • Will you be happy to deal with them in a few months time?
  • Do the promises sound too good to be true?


Trust your instincts! The chances are you are going to be tied in with this company for a while… Ensure you are happy with doing so before signing the dotted line and committing. But once you are working together, listen to what they say and check up on them: Conversions are always the bottom line! You don’t want an agency who lies, cheats and steals…