Marketing majority believe content personalisation is key to online marketing

Marketing majority believe content personalisation is key to online marketing
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Econsultancy, working in tandem with Adobe, recently announced that 60% of company marketers believe content personalisation is at the root of their online marketing strategy’s success. A further 54% went on to say they were renewing their commitment to creating a web experience for users that takes them into account, tailoring it to individual needs and wants. In order to create such experiences for personalisation-hungry customers, 65% of the marketers who responded to the study said they relied heavily on personal data, such as a client’s age, their interests, geographical location, and gender.

Personalisation is the key

Vice president of EMEA Marketing at Adobe, Mark Phibbs, stressed the importance of personalisation, saying: “companies need a personalisation strategy in place and a clear plan of action if they want to improve the customer experience for everyone – from first-time visitors to loyal customers.”

He also went on to say that personalisation frameworks should go out of their way to embrace any and every thing relevant to consumer touch-points, including mobile devices, so as not to isolate efforts to just one or two channels. Marketers need to strike the right balance between “man and machine” if they want to achieve the best results.

The study, dubbed the “Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Why Marketing Should Be Personal” dissected responses from online marketing specialists across a range of different disciplines and industries, a third of which considered themselves experts in the B2B sphere. The study had no shortage of applicants, with over 700 industry professionals lending their expertise to help compile the data.

Here is why it works

Personalised content is one of the best ways online marketers can forge a connection with the people they are trying to reach, provided they curate their content carefully, according to an additional survey undertaken by Peppercomm and the Economist Group.

They put the question “in the past 12 months, which of the following forms of content have you found most helpful for a business-related matter?” to over 500 global marketing execs, who went on to decide content personalisation was the most important by an overwhelming margin: 71%, in fact.

So, there you have it: make it timely, keep it personal, and expect success.