2021 digital marketing trends

2021 digital marketing trends

This year has been tough. It has changed business operations as well as the buying habits of customers. Therefore, marketers will have to adjust their strategies to fit the new normal. Here are some 2021 marketing predictions that you should look out for.


2020 content

Unfortunately, we will not be leaving the effects of this year in 2020. The effects of this pandemic will linger for years to come, and customers will not forget its consequences. Moving forward, companies will need to adapt their communications to the 4 Cs of content, which are community, cleanliness, compassion, and contactless.


User-generated content

User-generated content is not a new trend, but given the current global situation, brands are turning to their customers for help. With an increase in sponsored posts, consumers find it hard to trust brands and rely more on other customers’ reviews. UGC thus outperforms brand created content because of its authenticity and relatability. Thanks to apps like TikTok, users will be able to remix ideas and recreate them to express their personalities and opinions.


Nostalgia marketing

This has been a hard year for most of us, and so will 2021 if a solution to our issue is not found soon. Consumers are connecting more with happier memories from before to distract them from these uncertain times, and that is where the power of nostalgia marketing lies. It gives your brand a sentimental boost and strong positive emotions.


Voice search

Voice search is not an entirely new trend, but we have to emphasise its importance. More and more customers are building active voice search profiles on their devices now that they have learnt how to use it. Companies will have to optimise their content for voice so that it accurately syncs with search queries.


Conversational marketing

Customers want more engagement from their favourite brands. Marketing is now a two-way street, where consumers get meaningful interactions, and companies get increased sales. Moving forward, brands will have to add interactive elements to their social media and websites to provide more value to their followers.


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