Retargeting (or Remarketing)

Re-targeting gives you the ability to re-engage visitors that have previously visited your website. Retargeting allows us to bring back visitors into the buying funnel and push them further into it by showing targeted ads designed to achieve this objective. Without re-targeting, these visitors may never return.



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In general, only 2% of visitors convert on their first visit to a website. Retargeting is designed to encourage the other 98% to come back.

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) works by tracking people who visit your website and then displaying ads to them as they visit other sites including social networks such as Facebook. Retargeting is incredibly effective as it keeps your brand visible to visitors as they continue to look elsewhere online. Every time a visitor sees your ads your brand becomes recognised and the greater the possibility a visitor will return back to your site to complete a purchase or submit an enquiry.

We work with clients to develop highly targeted re-marketing campaigns by segmenting visitors to your site. We target shopping cart abandoners, visitors who viewed certain products and didn’t buy and even visitors that did convert by showing them ads, later on, to tempt them to re-order.





Speak to a Google qualified expert: 01754 252 152


Why Choose DPOM?

Aside from our 5 star reviews and Google Premier Partner status, there are several further reasons why you should choose DPOM to manage your Pay Per Click advertising:



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