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Re-targeting gives you the ability to re-engage visitors that have previously visited your website. Retargeting allows us to bring back visitors into the buying funnel and push them further into it by showing targeted ads designed to achieve this objective. Without re-targeting, these visitors may never return.




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Reconnect with people that have previously visited your website.

Retargeting (or remarketing) is a type of advertising that involves showing ads to people that have previously visited your website.

Ads can be generalised in nature or tailored to specific pages or products a visitors has viewed: For example, showing ads containing various jeans a shopper has viewed on their previous visit.

We always advise our clients to use this powerful tool and depending on how your visitors interact with your website, there are many strategies to consider for instance: Tempting shopping cart abandoners to return or showing ads on social media to previous buyers to encourage them to like and follow your page.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you, or you aren't sure how your performance can be improved, request our free Google Ads audit to learn more.

Types of retargeting

With retargeting becoming more and more sophisticated, there are many available strategies and techniques including:

Dynamic Retargeting

We show dynamically generated ads to users that have viewed specific pages or products on your website, for example, the last products viewed before leaving. As adverts are incredibly relevant, dynamic retargeting is a great way to tempt visitors to come back and convert.

Shopping Cart Abandoners

All eCommerce websites experience shopping cart abandonment: It's simply a fact of life. However, showing remarketing ads to those that didn't buy is a great way to tempt them back to complete their purchase, especially if time sensitive offers are used.

Sales Cycles

In some industries it can take many days, weeks or even months to complete a purchase for instance, software and B2B sites often experience longer time periods for a visitor to convert. Using remarketing to gently remind visitors you are still there can ensure you maintain a high level of brand awareness as buyers consider making a purchase.

Social Media

Retargeting to users on social media is a great way of encouraging them to like your profiles or return to your website. Depending on what you sell, some social networks are more suited than another, for instance, retargeting on LinkedIn to people that have previously visited a recruitment website is perhaps better suited than Facebook for instance.


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Request a free eCommerce campaign audit.

We offer all potential new customers a free audit to give you an objective assessment of your current campaign performance. We will tell you, with examples, what is both good and bad about your campaigns and how our service can help improve performance. If we don't think that we can help meet your objectives, we will tell you.

Our audits may include (but are not limited to) the following:

Campaign structure review: Overall account structure, ad groups, shopping campaigns and budget allocations.

Keyword Performance: Keywords, match types, search query report analysis, keyword gaps, negative keyword review

Bid and bid strategy analysis: Keyword bids, bid adjustments (device, location etc), ad scheduling

Performance analysis: conversions, cost per acquisition (CPA), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC) and overall return in investment

Advert review: Relevancy, ad testing, landing pages, ad scheduling

Technical review: Conversion tracking including revenue tracking, form tracking and call tracking

Growth opportunities: Quick wins, wasted spend reduction, long term opportunities

When your audit is complete, we will arrange an online meeting to discuss it in depth and answer any questions you may have.

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